What Does a Fractal Look Like?

What Does a Fractal Look Like? And What Does It Have to Do with the Stock Market? By Elliott Wave International Although Ralph N. Elliott came to his conclusions 50 years before the new science of fractals blossomed, he took a step that current observers of natural processes have yet to take. He explained not only that the progress of the market was fractal in nature but discovered and described the component patterns. Find out more about the stock market and fractals in this excerpt. Read more.

SPX intraday update (Part 4)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hard to label my primary count but is still valid. This pattern is to choppy to have decent count so I will folllow at same time my alternatives counts (see below). Comments and another alternative charts, as I said in my chat, are welcome :).


SPX intraday update (Part 3)

Another alternative count. Wave ii forming some triangle. The odds don't suggest this in wave ii so I will keep as alternative count.


SPX intraday update (Part 2)

Time to show my alternative count. Seems to shoppy to considerate this as impulsive wave but we must have open mind.


SPX intraday update (part 1)

Time for lunch.



GBPUSD formed a gartley bearish pattern in this wave b of ii. I also show some drafts at long and short time frame to understand my view in the "big picture"


Transportation update

Dow transportation seems to be cooperating with other index counts.
For those who don't believe in P3, at least a C wave down should be made.
Check euro too. We are sited in the daily trend line, and it make me think that we should correct to the upside making wave 2 or b.



Seems the top for long time frame is made. However until now we can see only 3 waves to the downside.


Wheat update

Wheat still inside the correction pattern so I will expected a teste at 47x's. For other hand a possible H&S is forming. So, for now we must have same patience and wait to see what "they" will do.


SPX daily update

Wave v of i made slight lower low and now seems wave ii is underaway. Possible target at 1060-1080 points.



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