SPX intraday update (Part 1)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Since February 28th I changed my primary count for the bullish case. The reasons were justified and fortunately I haven't regretted that decision. At short term seems wave i (bull case) is close to finished after activated an inverted H&S's. Definitly this wave v is extending and may only finish during the next week as you can see below.

As I previous warned, above the MAE20 and 50 I will keep this count as my favorite and I will try during the weekend, using the chart above, a bullish count for the long term. All comments and suggestions are welcome!


New update very soon. At short term the up wave not finished!


SPX daily update

Today's action suggest the market is exhausted but at same time is missing, at least, one spike to new highs (maybe the final target will be the 113x resistence area as I showed in my last charts). Since yesterday the odds suggest an wave iv was made, labelling an triangle. Tomorrow or monday may finished this entire wave (i or ii according the different options). Good night to all!



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