SPX intraday update (Part 3)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Seems some kind of wave iii so this is my prefer count. Let's see what happen until the end of the week.


DAX intraday update (Part 3)

Broken the ending diagonal triangle and at same time can be activated the H&S's.


SPX intraday update (Part 2)

Impulsive wave in this last movement :)).


SPX intraday update (Part 1)

Choppy session and i still can't see impulsive movement in this correction.


DAX intraday update (Part 2)

My friend Ph gave me a gift and help me with the big picture. Thanks a lot my friend :).


DAX intraday update (Part 1)

The big picture is choppy and i haven't time to see it better (only during the weekend) but it looks, since yesterday, a potencial impulsive movement. However, this rally, since the lows, still not seem impulsive.


SPX daily update

Currently i have two counts that can be valid. Why two different counts? Just because this last downtrend seems more a little correction of this large upside than the beginning of a new trend (see 10 minutes chart). Nevertheless, the inversion trends, sometimes, began with some choppy action. So keep the eyes on the trend chanel and try to understand if the movement is impulsive or corrective. Until now i can only see a simple corrective movement.

Due to this, if SPX made another higher high i will admit that already has began the Primary wave 2. The last chart are the potential trend lines which can stop this "bull(dog)" movement.



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