Thursday, November 19, 2009

As promisse in the morning here is the EUR/USD update.
This is my best count and as i belive we had a truncation at 1.505 i think we go down.


SPX daily update

After this day everthing  still the same (see my last updates below) so I decide made some projections based on the "big picture" and find some interesting results. The principal conclusions are:
a) Since this wave Y began, all tops were done at 4-5 days with some distribution and at same range. So  the odds suggest this wave "a" will finished between 1015-1025 at friday or next monday.
b) The range between sub wave "a" and "c" of  each wave (blue) increased +-10 points. So the odds suggest the mayor top (P2 end) maybe will be at 116x'a points.



This is a potential daytrade for GBPUSD based on harmonic patterns.
EDIT: Pattern invalidated.

Despite this my "big picture" (bearish) still the same.



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