Thursday, January 21, 2010

well, the price movement make me change my primary option to the green one. As i see it we still are in primary one.

If the price turns here (red/blue count) primary I/A is done and we head for a 50% retracement.

But the paralel channel and the news that came from euro zone (Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain and ... Portugal) make me prefer the green count

PS: as i'm short in time, maybe i made some big mistakes in my count, if so please let me know

Good luck


SPX and horizontal support/resistence

Strong figth in this area due the horizontal support and MA50.
P.S. My last waves update are below these two posts!


SPX and moving average

SPX is testing MA50 and is important to the bears to stay above this. This is another important indicator for the short term!  So keep the eyes on the 1130 and on MA50. The trend line seems to be broken but we need some kind of confirmation of it.

Until the 113x's the mother north awake!


SPX and DAX intraday update (Part 2)

P3 or mayor correction is underway and the bear seems had arrived! Possible end of this wave iii at 1100's and the keey of this downside is the 1130.


SPX intraday update (Part 1)

No time for charts but these are my two cents:

a) Above 114x's the odds suggest new highs (primary count)
b) Below 112x's the odds suggest mayor correction (alternative count).

Good trades to all!



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