DAX intraday update (Part 1)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Possible H&S in DAX.


SPX intraday update (Part 1)

Too much work today and didn't have time to see any count. I'm only trying to show some possible patterns intraday. Everthing seems too choppy and corrective for me (Hard days to trade).


SPX daily update

Not to much secure in this downside and also with this count due the counts between cash and cfd's aren´t similar. This is the possible scenario in the bear case. However in the short term i see this downside limited. Tomorrow is another day and the puzzle will have more pieces to understand it better.


DAX daily update

As you know, since yesterday i didn't like this downside due the waves, despite impulsives, were to small for wave iii. So at short term, the DAX seems made a wedge and maybe is time to have some rebound.



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