SPX intraday update (Part 3)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

My new count.


SPX intraday update (Part 2)

Don't change my last count but is hard to count this nano waves so maybe is missing one wave to new highs.

EDIT: Ups count not valid.


SPX intraday update (Part 1)

My micro wave chart.


SPX daily update

Sorry the delay but I had to confirm, from the March lows, all the counts and different patterns since i saw alot bullish EW's counts on different blogs. This is my principal count because i count 5 diferent patterns from March lows. SPX must have a decent correction from tomorrow or friday. In the short term count it's possible SPX do another residual high but after that it may fall as a rotten apple.

P.S. Thanks to all, that comment my last update.



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